Making Democracy Work

A National Organization of Concerned and Active Citizens

League of Women Voters

Leagues in Fifty States, D.C., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Hong Kong

The League of Women Voters has fought since 1920 to improve U.S. systems of government and impact public policies through education and advocacy.

The League's enduring vitality and resonance comes from its grassroots nature, with members operating at the national, state, and local levels working towards the goal of "making democracy work."

There are Leagues in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, in addition to the hundreds of local Leagues nationwide.

The League of Women Voters is strictly nonpartisan; it neither supports nor opposes candidates for office at any level of government.

The League makes a difference at every level of government because of the energy and passion of thousands of members around the country who work together to safeguard our democracy.