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2016-2017 LWV Jacksonville First Coast Program

The League's Reason for Being

Issues Chosen by Members for study and action

What is League Program?

Program is the League's basis for both advocacy and education efforts. League advocacy is based on member study and agreement on selected issues and involves concerted efforts to achieve public policies consistent with League Positions.

Join our Local League and be directly involved in shaping the issues that keep our community fair, vibrant and strong.

LWVJFC 2016 - 17 Program

Promote Political Responsibility: Continue to inform members and the public about selected governmental issues through monthly Speaker Series meetings.

Local Government Program: Engage with local government to be informed of and investigate issues related to the League program and that are of interest to members in Duval, St. Johns, Clay and Nassau Counties. Engage with other local non-partisan organizations, county libraries, business groups and local media to increase program outreach.

Education: Continue research in education in Duval, St. Johns, Clay and Nassau Schools focused on assessing the extent to which students in the country have access to a free public education that provides equal opportunity for all. Prevent any further expansion of vouchers, draining our public schools of needed funds, and creating a parallel school system with no accountability. Work on school choice issues such as for-profit Education Management Organizations, Charters, and Common Core.

Natural Resources: Ensure a well-planned implementation of Amendment One. Monitor and act on the protection of the St. Johns River and all surface waters. Encourage recycling by all residents and businesses to keep our waters clean. Monitor and act on off-shore drilling issues in Florida. Monitor growth policies of Northeast Florida.

Gun Safety: Stop the passage of laws that will make it easier for students and visitors to carry guns in our k-12 schools and universities.

Solar Study: The State LWV has present plans to make solar energy a #1 issue - an educational and advocacy effort to support solar energy for commercial buildings and small businesses as well as for homeowners across the state.